My Story


I like to focus on adding in healthy rather than focus on what to eliminate.  When you add more of what the body needs, the body wants more of it.  I call this the feel-good vibe.  Healthy, nutrient-dense whole foods, lots of veggies, exercise, yoga, and meditation. 


About Annette O'Neill

Annette O'Neill, RDN, is a Registered Dietitian Integrative and Functional Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition degree from New York University and completed her dietetic internship at NYU Langone Medical Center.  Annette's private one-on-one nutrition practice takes an integrative and personalized approach to nutrition, health, and healing.  In addition to nutrition, Annette is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher -200 hours through Exhale in NYC under Nixa DeBellis, Stefanie Eris, David Magone and Isaac Pena, Yin and Restorative Yoga certified through Pure Yoga, NYC under Kate Kuss, Reiki Practioner under Pamela Miles, NYC, and meditation trainings include The Power of Awareness Mindfulness (Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield).  Annette is a Certified Personal Trainer, Barre Teacher Certified with Exhale, NYC, Certified Pilates Mat instructor with The Kane School of Core Integration, and was the founder of Vitality Fitness, LLC, Ridgewood, NJ, (2002-2017), and is the founder of Annette O'Neill Wellness, PLLC in NY.  In addition to nutrition counseling and speaking, you can find her teaching barre and yoga classes in NYC at Exhale and Barre Tribeca.  

Knowing the science behind nutrition, Annette combines her knowledge of science and fitness with a yogic lifestyle integration, including meditation and restorative work for a deep understanding between the mind, body, and soul connection for optimal functional living, playing, and healing.   


My Journey

To become a nutrition and wellness lifestyle mentor began in childhood with a passion for a deeper understanding of a healthy and fit mind and body and the desire to share and help others. In my fast track to married life, motherhood and perfectionism, fittingly, I became an avid runner - running road races and marathons.  I was fit, strengthening my lung capacity, doing and achieving; yet I was missing the healing power of breathing.  Pranayama is our life force, our breath.  When we down regulate our central nervous system through meditation, yoga asana, and breathing with conscious awareness, we create an environment to breed healing and wellness.  Letting go to experience clarity and emotional freedom enables us to be who we are meant to be.  You see it is not only about exercise.  It is not only about eating well.  The emotional, spiritual, psychological exploration all play critical roles to better health.  

Blending the science with the spiritual, my journey continues and I strive to enlighten and empower you, my clients, on your path to a healthier, balanced you.   Essentially, tapping into what is in your power - your own mind, breath, and how you strengthen, treat, nourish and care for your body.