Tempeh and Brown Rice



1 cup dry brown rice cooked to instructions in 2.5 cups water to yield 2 cups cooked brown rice 

1/2 red onion chopped

1 head broccoli tips chopped

Fresh juice of 1 Lemon 

1 block of organic Lightlife Tempeh cubed

1/4 cup tahini 

1 T olive oil

Pinch each of Cayenne Pepper & Himalayan salt

About 2 Large or 4 small servings.


Cook brown rice and set aside.  

Chop onions and add to cast iron skillet to sauté 

Add broccoli and tempeh to brown about 15-20 adding cayenne and salt and small amounts of water to prevent burning 

squeeze juice from lemon into tahini

Spoon tempeh and veggies over brown rice and drizzle with tahini and lemon


TipsAnnette ONeill